BEHIND THE SONGS – Oct. 31, 2011

“Homage” performed by Jim Peterik and Lifeforce. Written by Jim Peterik and Marzette Griffith. Background vocals and soulful scats: Lisa McClowry.

This song started with a word: Homage- using the French pronunciation- Ho (long O) with the accent on the second syllable- Maahg. I loved that word. So who to pay Homage to?

I was writing a different song with the amazing singer and performer Marzette Griffith when we started bringing up names of some of our favorite soul singers of all time- the people that influenced us all. We started singing the songs one after another- Sunshine of My Life, The Way You Do The Things You Do, Dead End Street- on and on.

We decided to make a list of those R&B singers that paved the way for the Kanye Wests and Beyonces of today. Before long I was pounding on the piano and Marzette was singing in my ear “Homage Homage Homage”and my rejoinder was- “to the footsteps and the dancesteps that paved the way.” A song was born.

-Jim Peterik.